Dear Friends, Dear Sir/Madame,

We would like to invite you to the forthcoming 3rd Annual Medical Conference “Infertility – a plague of 21st century”. It will take place in Warsaw on May 14-15th 2015.

Our Specialists will discourse important social topic, which is the infertility and what are infertility treatment. We would like to present the latest news in terms such as psychology, endocrinology, nutrition, environmental pollution, sexuality, and effects on the reproductive system.

Taking part in our event will be a perfect chance to exchange of views and experience between Experts from Poland and other countries that represent different ideas on the issue of infertility in the modern world.

The forthcoming edition of the event is to explore issues in the context of interdisciplinary infertility causative factors, the importance of which is omitted, and it seems to be more and more important.

Again approached the topic of infertility comprehensively. The presence at our meeting is an excellent opportunity to compare views and experience with superior Specialists, at home and abroad, representing sometimes radical views on the issue of infertility.

During the roundtable discussion eminent Experts from the scientific and medical lead the debate on current problems and challenges with the plague of infertility in the twenty-first century!
We look forward to a constructive and substantive discussion on this important social issue.

Dr Włodzimierz W. Sukiennik, PhD
Chairman of the Organization Committee